4 Glass Bathroom Countertops With Color and Character

Posted by Steven Schrenk
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The modern bathroom is constantly evolving in style and function. A strong, artful material like Vetrazzo's recycled glass countertops has become a popular surface choice for designers and homeowners looking to add color and character to their bathroom designs.

When designing a bathroom, inspiration often starts with the counters, floors, wall tiles, and cabinets - the workhorses and focal points of your design. Countertop surface selection determines the color palette used in a room and can be the bathroom's ultimate accessory.

These four Vetrazzo glass bathroom countertops add instant color and character to any bathroom design:

Floating Blue Vetrazzo Glass Bathroom Countertop
Floating Blue Vetrazzo  Bathroom by Town & Country Kitchen and Bath

Floating Blue

Soak in the warm rays of the Caribbean and enjoy the turquoise, sky-blue azure. Let your mind float adrift on a glistening, sea glass-inspired blend of architectural-salvaged, skyscraper float glass.


This Floating Blue glass bathroom counter pairs perfectly with the glass and marble mosaic featured in the shower. With more tile options available, especially glass mosaics and custom blends, Vetrazzo's recycled glass countertops offer a range of colors that set the tone of the room and compliment existing design elements like the shower wall mosaic featured here. The shards of glass in the Vetrazzo surface pattern also create movement giving the room a playful yet sophisticated character.


Glass source story:

Inevitably, manufacturing glass produces waste. Too often, that waste ends up in the landfill. We like to keep this peaceful color out of the waste stream. You see it here, floating freely in this Vetrazzo mix.



Bistro Green with Patina

French bistros conjure up tables covered with an assortment of vibrant-hued bottles, starting with sparkling mineral water, a second course of green wine glass and a splash of blue from Skyy vodka bottles.


In this sophisticated Seattle bathroom a patina finish was selected for the glass vanity top because a darker tonality was desired to blend with the rich floor tile and mosaic deco tile around the backsplash and tub area. With a patina finish the cement is stained a warm black, but it still remains white inside, reflecting light back through the glass for a glowing effect.


Glass source story:

When you take the extra step of putting your glass waste into the recycling bin, you're doing something good. Those bottles and jars that held all your culinary necessities are sent to be processed and put back into use. The glass in this mix is from your kitchen...your soda bottles, olive oil containers, pickle jars, wine and water bottles could have been waste, instead here they are, made into something beautiful: Bistro Green with patina.



Chivalry Blue Vetrazzo Glass Bathroom Countertop
Chivalry Blue Vetrazzo Bathroom by Edina General Contractors John Kraemer & Sons

Chivalry Blue

Contrary to popular belief chivalry is not dead, this stunning mix of silvery blue will have you swooning with admiration. Comprised of large shimmering flakes of salvaged architectural glass, glinting clear beverage bottles and bursts of blue from Skyy bottles.


The saturated color of Chivalry Blue's large blue glass pieces always takes center stage in a room. The mitered edge profile pictured here enhances the effect with a thicker edge and more glass surface. The accent of blue has been carried throughout the design with the Vetrazzo glass cabinet hardware and large tiles in the shower. The unique glass floor tile compliments the playful pattern of the Vetrazzo recycled glass counters.


Glass source story:

The bottles and jars that held your condiments, culinary treats, and cool drinks, once put into the recycling bin, are sent be processed and put back into use. The glass in this mix is from your kitchen. It could have been waste, but instead they are in this sophisticated Vetrazzo® mix Chivalry Blue.



Vetrazzo Palladian Grey Glass Bathroom Countertop

Palladian Grey

Inspired by the arched palladian windows of historical buildings, this dazzling blend of grey-tinted architectural glass and salvaged window glass pays homage to the legendary father of Renaissance architecture, Palladio himself.


Many modern bathroom designs are showcasing glass in unique and exciting ways such as this round undermount sink installed on a Palladian Grey vanity. Designers are even using glass for bathtubs and floating pools. The trend is picking up speed and we're huge fans. The large shards of clear glass and pale, gray subtle tones found in our Palladian Grey glass surfaces easily compliment any modern aesthetic. 


Glass source story:

When buildings are torn down, the glass from the windows and doors can be salvaged. We transform that glass into beautiful recycled countertops with Palladian Gray.


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