A Texas Ranch Comes to Life With Bright, Bold Color

Posted by Steven Schrenk

In these uncertain times, the joy and comfort of home is more important than we realized before. This is a perfect time to think about the projects you want to tackle next. It’s also an opportunity to explore just how meaningful a place home is for all of us. We hope looking at our projects, like this one designed by Mary Ann Smiley, brings some delight to your day.

One look at Dallas designer Mary Anne Smiley’s portfolio and you’ll realize you’re dealing with someone who never puts it in neutral. Smiley, an Oklahoma native, is revered for her ability to bring her designs to life with their fearless use of pure color and her ability to leverage cutting-edge pieces in a completely livable and enviably elegant way. And even though every surface in a project benefits from Smiley’s taste, talent and experience, countertops hold a special place in this designer’s heart.

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