5 Backyard Designs That Are Sharp As Glass

Posted by Steven Schrenk
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It doesn't matter if they're in Naples, Florida or Detroit, Michigan, when the temperature hovers at that delightful 80 degree mark, homeowners want to get out of the house and into outdoor living.

And dream backyards are as lifestyle specific as indoor spaces.

Some want a luxury, modern outdoor kitchen, others a tranquil fire pit, and some, even a swim up bar. What they all share though is a need for a durable outdoor surface that looks amazing under summer sun and winter clouds and that can withstand the intense rays down south and the cold weather up north. Summer and winter Vetrazzo's recycled glass slabs and mosaic tiles make a standout statement amid a world of brick pavers and speckled box store granites.

Here are 5 recycled glass countertop ideas to spark your next backyard design:


For the mermaid


Shouldn't all bars be swim up?
From the happy hours of summer's past comes this swim up bar in Charisma Blue, made from the recycled amber and green beer and wine bottles with a blue splash of Skyy vodka bottles.



For The barbecue master

We called it Alehouse Amber Patina but maybe this recycled glass slab should be Grillhouse Amber because this outdoor kitchen is a grill palace worthy of a 24 porterhouse, some portabellos AND a rich craft beer.

For The Sustainablity Stalwart

Load up that grill with wild caught salmon from a well managed fishery and some organic kale from the farmers market, because this look is sustainable countertops and bamboo cabinets for the win.
(And how great does that Palladian Gray counter look with those iridescent glass penny rounds?)

For The hostess

Why stop at just dinner outside?
The hostess wants to keep the party going by the fire with a relaxed outdoor living room feel. And because you can't put your cold chardonnay next to that hot fire, a cocktail table is in order. Here in Vetrazzo's Bistro Green.

 The B&B Hosts

They've got friends in London, family in the midwest and always a house full of people in summer, but this couple always manages fresh fluffy towels and extra s'mores for all. This poolhouse look in Floating Blue is just right for travel toothbrushes and wet bathing suits.
Need a sample of one of Vetrazzo's 25 color selections? They're free to members of the trade. Email Steve@vetrazzo.com. Homeowners can order one for just $10 below. We'll also connect you with a distributor in your area.
Vetrazzo recycled glass countertop sample 

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