Vetrazzo Colors

Posted by Steven Schrenk
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Vetrazzo® is a recycled glass surface comprised of 100% recycled glass. Vetrazzo is an exquisite surface material—truly a work of art—and it becomes the centerpiece for your home or project. So, what else makes it sparkle? A high glass content ( 85% by volume), expansive color palette, and story in every surface. From architectural to art glass, to beer bottles and jars, each mix is a signature blend of color and life that tells a story about you, too.

Flint Collection 
Cool Titanium, Hollywood Sage
Champagne Flint, Martini Flint
Porter Flint 
(Left to Right)

  1636-300x300 1648-300x300

Level 1 
Glass House
Alehouse Amber, Bistro Green
Charisma Blue, Colbalt Skyy
(Left to Right)

Level 2

Cubist Clear
Alehouse Amber with Patina, Bistro Green with Patina

Charisma Blue with Patina, Colbalt Skyy with Patina


(Left to Right)


Level 3

Palladian Gray, Floating Blue
Chivarly Blue, Midnight Eclipse
(Left to Right)



Limited Edition
Ruby Red, Ruby Red with Patina
(Left to Right)




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