Vetrazzo in Milan, Bangkok, Cologne, Daegu and New York!

Posted by Steven Schrenk
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By Melissa Hawkins, Senior Designer and Sustainability Manager

Each of us has interests that shape the perspective by which we experience the world; I experience the world through materials. I am fascinated by materials, what they are made out of, are capable of, and what opportunities they represent. This interest led me to Material Connexion.

After I first read about Material Connexion in I.D. Magazine, I knew had to get Vetrazzo accepted into this impressive library. Material Connexion is one of the world's largest innovative materials libraries with five locations throughout the world, New York, Milan, Bangkok, Cologne, and Daegu. This list made me consider becoming a librarian! This global presence helps make these unique materials accessible to a bevy of potential clients that range from Fortune 500 companies, architects, designers, to other material geeks. Access is based on an annual subscription.

The process included getting to speak with a Materials Specialist, Beatrice Ramnarine. She explained that once we submit samples they are subjected to an examination and vote by a panel of cross-discipline “creatives”. It felt like being a contestant on a reality show, I could hear Heidi Klum saying, "Either you're in or you're out." They would let us know.

It was a difficult wait but finally the day came to hear the final judgment. Naturally we made it, but even working with Vetrazzo, the most beautiful recycled glass counter top material in the world, one must be humble. Visit Material Connexion,, not only can you check out the fascinating world of materials, but you can also learn about trends, conferences, speakers, or become part of the Material Connexion Brain & Talent Bank.