Small Space, Big Style: 8 Tiny Bathrooms That Wow With Color and Light from Recycled Glass

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Bathroom design trends are constantly evolving, but one thing remains constant: the desire for a knockout space. But what if your bathroom is lacking in the square footage department? No worries: it’s simple to add impact with a smart combination of countertops, flooring and cabinetry — the workhorses and focal points of any design. Vetrazzo's recycled glass countertops add color, character and one-of-a-kind appeal, proving time and again that you don’t need a big space to make a big impact.

A neutral palette that makes small bathrooms glow


You might be bored by beige, over oatmeal, and tired of taupe, but neutrals don’t have to leave you numb. Enter Palladian Gray, with its large shards of clear glass and subtle gray palette giving a hint of sparkle and visual texture. This rectangle undermount sink installed on a Palladian Gray vanity shows how you can bring a bright and light feel to a small bath. This is how you design a bathroom that stands out with a crisp and clean aesthetic that’s modern and luxe without being stark.



We call it Palladian Gray, but there is nothing gloomy gray about this countertop.



Itty-bitty vanities can be showstoppers


A sea-themed bathroom might feel a little cliche, but nothing says “vacay vibes” quite the same way. Transform your bathroom into a tranquil escape by using soothing shades of blue, like you can find in this Floating Blue countertop. Vetrazzo’s Sea Pearl finish, available on select colors, gives the sea glass-inspired surface a jewel-like quality, turning an ordinary countertop into a glittering focal point with additional texture and depth. This beach bath has a cool, coastal vibe without any seashells.



Teeny tiny vanity? Why not make it your focal point with recycled glass?


Violet vibes turn tiny bathrooms bold


A violet vanity might not be your first thought when you’re conjuring up your dream bathroom, but one look at Amethystos might change your mind. Made with Georgia marble chips, two kinds of South Carolina oyster shells, and rich purple glass shards, this bathroom evokes regal elegance without being dark or fussy. Pair Amethystos with winter gray and wood tones for a muted look as seen here, or for maximum purple punch, pair it with Sherwin Williams Elation, a soft purple, and Vetrazzo by Laura U’s Orchid Reflection which incorporates dark plum artisan glass and mirror into its surface.



Can purple be subtle? If it's in Amethystos recycled glass it can.


Distract the eye from awkward spaces with focal point countertops


A less than optimal space, like the one below can still be classic and functional with the right design choices. Here a rounded bump out is camouflaged by a neutral wall color that mimics the light tiles on the floor, while a dark wood door and dazzling double vanity draw the eye. Refined wall sconces with Edison bulbs and a pair of tiled mirrors give this refinished bath vintage appeal. The double vanity is topped with Emerald Coast, a mix of oyster shells and glass inspired by the glassy green sea of Florida's coast, which gives the room a subtle and chic shimmer.


No one's looking at the bump out on the wall when the vanity is sparkling.



Beachy blues make small spaces joyful


Cool, calm, and coastal, there’s a reason so many bathrooms are beachy and blue. Give every day a bit of that seaside feel by layering in shades of sapphire paired with crisp white. This Floating Blue countertop, with its bold combination of blue and clear glasses, is the perfect visual connection between the sky blue wall and the glistening marble mosaic shower. The custom shaker cabinets and vanity light fixture from Feiss give this refreshed room new appeal.



Floating Blue Vetrazzo Glass Bathroom Countertop

Designers of this small space used Vetrazzo to create visual connection between the sky blue wall and the glistening marble mosaic shower.



A toast worthy bathroom nook


Cool blues aren’t the only way to create a gracious bath - warm earth tones are just as welcome — and welcoming. Spacious, earthy and overlooking the mountainside, this bathroom lets the countertops’s striking amber, green, red, and brown shades enhance the view without pulling focus. Paired with big windows, warm woods, and bright lights, the shards from stained glass windows and wine and beer bottles of Alehouse Amber make this a bathroom worth toasting.



alehouse amber earth tone recycled glass countertop

Surrounded by clean white, the  earth tones of this vanity draw the eye up and out to the surrounding countryside.



Be bold in a tiny bath for max impact


While they can be a design challenge, tiny bathrooms present the perfect opportunity to be a little bold — and a lot creative. Put your problem solving skills to the test and make sure to maximize your storage without creating a bath that feels more like a closet. This small space is the proof that you don’t need square footage to make a style statement. With its wall-to-wall cabinetry, open garden view, and unmistakable Millefiori countertop, this is a bathroom unlike any other. Italian for “a thousand flowers”, Millefiori features stained glass shards in 12 vibrant colors and is a sure fire way to bring energy and excitement to an itsy-bitsy bathroom.


This tiny bathroom nook makes a connection to the outside greenery with recycled glass featuring all the colors of the garden.


No window? No problem with a the inner luminosity of recycled glass


We’re bringing it back to blue one last time with this crisp teal and white bathroom. With no window in sight, the clean white tile and sleek modern cabinetry lay a foundation of brightness and light. Paired with teal accents, the long expanse of Floating Blue isn’t just maxed out counter space, it unifies the design while adding color and sparkle. We love it when form meets function like this. Topped with an extra long mirror, this space feels more open than you might expect of a windowless room.



These homeowners used glossy textured surfaces to bring light and interest to a windowless space.


You can see that even if you don’t have a bathroom as big as a kitchen, it’s easy to incorporate the colors you love with recycled glass for a small space that provides supersized joy. These bathrooms have maximum personality, color, and light thanks to smart design choices, including pops of color and sparkle from recycled glass vanities. Whether you’ve got a tiny en suite or a half bath wedged off the hall, Vetrazzo’s recycled glass mixes can give any size space a truly luxe, master bath feel.


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